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Winterizing Your Roof

Dec 17, 2014

Winterizing Your Roof

To alleviate some of the holiday stress, it is beneficial to you, as a homeowner, to make sure your home is as winterized as possible. H & S Roofing and Gutters can help.

To keep your roof (and your car) safe from tree limbs weighed down by snow or ice, make sure to trim them before the harsh parts of the winter come to your town. Broken tree branches can wreak havoc on your roof and electrical wiring like phone and cable lines.

For roofing issues, worn flashings, loose shingles and nails should be checked. If you believe they could cause leaks in the coming months, reapply or reattach them, or call H & S Roofing and Gutters to help.

Keeping your gutters clean of leaves and debris will help the flow of melted ice and snow, while freeing the gutters and downspouts of additional weight when frozen. H & S Roofing and Gutters can help you clean out that debris and fix small leaks before they become a bigger issue in the dead of winter.


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