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Consider Gutter Covers | H&S Roofing

May 06, 2016

Gutter covers are a great investment. Sometimes known as “gutter guards” or “gutter screens,” these protection systems are designed to help keep your gutters cleaner with less work. H&S Roofing & Gutter Company offers an array of gutter covers for both commercial and residential properties, but they’re not the right choice for everyone.

When should you consider gutter covers, and why? Here are a few things to consider.

They Require Less Maintenance
Gutter covers are really good at cutting down the time you have to spend keeping your gutters clear. Instead of balancing yourself dangerously on a ladder a few times a year, with gutter covers you might cut your cleaning time down to once or twice annually. Although they significantly reduce cleaning, remember that gutter covers don’t eliminate it. You’ll still need to have your gutters cleaned a couple of times a year for maximum efficiency.

Blocking Birds, But Not Buds
Of course, large debris like full-sized leaves and sticks can’t make it past most gutter cover systems. Unfortunately, small debris like pollen and tree buds can usually slip through the cracks – in this way the systems make the most sense for homes directly under leafy trees. Another advantage is that birds and squirrels will not be able to build nests inside your gutters if you have covers installed...a real problem here in Charlotte!

There Are Many Types to Choose From
Did you know that there are several kinds of gutter covers? Mesh gutter covers (gutter screens) have a powder coated finish which provides a slick snag surface for deflecting leaves, and locks onto the front lip of your gutter for a secure installation without the need for screws. Gutter screens have a small hole design that keeps large debris from entering the gutter. Drop in gutter covers work with any pitch while not disturbing the shingles. The drop in style has self-cleaning ridges which promote air flow, and dry debris blows off with a slight breeze. With their low profile design drop in covers are invisible from the ground. Solid gutter covers are engineered to handle the heaviest rainfall and to stand up to the added weight from snow and ice. They are custom fit to any home by adjusting to any roof pitch. Solid gutter covers are available in 16 painted aluminum colors and copper.

Say Goodbye to Standing Water
The biggest risk of clogged gutters is standing or backed-up water. Clogs can push water into your roof or the cracks surrounding it, leading to leaks inside your home. Additionally, standing water caused by debris inside your gutters can also be a breeding ground for insects like termites that will wreak further havoc on your home.

You Need the Help of a Professional
Whether a pro or con, you really need a professional gutter cover installer to help you install, maintain, and clean your gutter covers. Leaning a ladder against your gutter-covered system can dent it, rendering it ineffective. Installing the covers incorrectly can actually cause more issues with water flow and refuse, not less. It’s best to choose a proven system that’s used by a trusted local roofing company than to select a system at random and spend a weekend precariously installing it.

H&S Roofing and Gutters installs gutter cover systems all over the greater Charlotte metro area. We’ve been maintaining Charlottean’s roofs and gutters for over 75 years – call us today or visit our website at www.hsroofing.com to find out how a custom gutter cover system can help extend the life of your roof!

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