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What to Expect During a Professional Roofing Inspection

May 31, 2016

There are two primary reasons customers call H&S Roofing for a professional roofing inspection in Charlotte. The first is for their own edification, home and business owners hoping to find out if their roof’s leaking, needs repairing, or in good shape. The second is in advance of a real estate transaction when we’re asked to inspect a roof for a bank or a potential buyer.

If you’ve never had a professional roof inspection, you may not know what to expect. We’ll break down the process of a roof inspection in Charlotte so you’re prepared with questions when the time comes.

A professional roof inspection is far more detailed than the ‘roofing inspection’ completed by a general home inspector. While a home inspector may visually scan the roof from the ground (or even from gutter-level if they brought a ladder), you shouldn’t expect much more. Professional roofers like H&S Roofing will give you a much more detailed picture of the state of your roof.

First, the roofer will climb onto your roof using long ladders and special safety equipment. They’ll do an on-foot examination of all the elements of the roof, from the shingles to the drains to the flashing around your chimney. Specifically, they’ll be looking for things like shingle movement, leaks, and degradation of the materials themselves.

Depending on the structure of your building, your roof inspector will then do an examination of the interior of your roof, usually from the attic. They’ll be looking for light coming in from the outside (sign of leakage), moisture and mold, and proper insulation. H&S Roofing takes pride in providing the most professional service possible, always leaving your property as clean or cleaner than they found it.

After the inspection, what happens next will depend on who asked for the inspection. If it was ordered as part of a real estate transaction, the roofer will provide both you and the interested party with a copy of the full inspection report. This report includes everything from a description of weaknesses, estimates for repair, and a breakdown of how long the current features of the roof are expected to last. The report will also include a plan of action in the case you decide to have the roof repaired.

If you ordered the roof inspection yourself because you were worried about the condition of your roof, your H&S inspector will talk to you about your options. They’ll tell you about the current coupons for Charlotte roofing services they’re offering, give you a breakdown of time and cost for the project, and talk to you about preventative measures you can take going forward to best protect your roof. From there you’ll decide if and when you’re ready to move forward with repairs.


Do you need a roof inspection for your Charlotte home or business? Call H&S Roofing & Gutter Company, a leader in quality roofing in the Queen City for over 75 years.

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