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What To Do When There Is Storm Damage On Your Roof

Jun 22, 2017


It’s no secret that the Southeast experiences high heat and humidity during the summer months. These conditions contribute to the severe thunderstorms that roll in across the Carolinas in the evenings.

It’s not uncommon for these storms to exhibit damaging winds, torrents of rain and potentially, up to, golf ball-sized hail. Depending on the caliber of the storm and the prior condition of your roof, your roof could experience severe damage.

However, if you think that your roof has experienced damage from a current or past storm, it’s important that you are not hasty in hiring a roofer to complete any repairs you may need. The period of time right after a storm typically becomes popular for “storm chasers,” or individuals who claim to specialize in roof repairs, but hold no professional licenses or experience.

To ensure that you are hiring a qualified roofing company to conduct your roof repairs, follow these simple tips.

1. Look for Local Roofing Companies with Positive Reviews

When hiring any company to complete a project on your home, it’s imperative that you do your homework. Read online, local reviews from reputable companies such as the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and even Google Reviews.

Make sure that the company has received more positive than negative reviews and if there are complaints; see how the company handled them.

2. Verify that the Roofing Company has the Proper Licenses

Did you know each state requires certain licenses for home services? Before hiring a roofing contractor, find out which licenses are required by your state by looking on the General Contractors Licensing Board website.

North Carolina General Contractors Licensing Board>>

South Carolina General Contractors Licensing Board>>

3. Make sure that the Company has Insurance

Ask the roofing company to provide you with a copy of their complete insurance coverage. This should be done for your protection, A professional roofing contractor will be able to supply you with a copy of their current Certificate of Liability Insurance, which will include Workmen’s Compensation/ Employers Liability and General Liability, .

4. Ask for Client References

Another item to ask for when hiring a roofing contractor is client references. A roofing company should be able to provide you with at least three references from their past jobs for you to call. This way, you can speak to their past clients directly to learn about their experience.

The following are some of the questions that you should ask these client references: 

  • What type of job did they hire the roofing company to do?
  • How many workers were involved to complete the project?
  • Was the job completed within your budget and on time?
  • Did the workers clean-up after themselves every day?
  • Did the client have any reservations after working with the company?

 5. Secure a Signed Contract Regarding the Scope of the Roofing Project

Finally, make sure that the roofing company provides you with a detailed contract that defines the complete scope of the job before any work is started and any payment is processed. It’s important that both you and the contractor are “on the same page” regarding completion dates, costs and the exact amount and type of work to be done.

For more tips on hiring a roofing contractor to handle storm damage on your home, visit the Better Business Bureau>> 

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