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What Does Regular Roof Maintenance Entail?

Jul 15, 2016

Regular roof maintenance is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make in your home. Your roof is likely one of the most expensive components of your house, so taking time to inspect, repair, and prevent issues that arise is well worth the effort. H&S Roofing and Gutter Company offers free roofing inspections in Charlotte, but you should know what to expect when you decide to perform roof maintenance on a regular basis.

How Often Should You Check Your Roof?
In general, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected at least once every other year. A quality roof inspection can help catch emerging issues and prevent them from becoming costly problems. Studies performed by major roofing brands prove that lack of regular maintenance can actually decrease the life of your roof by up to half.


Roof Maintenance You Can Do Yourself
What you can repair on your own roof greatly depends on your comfort level. If you’re comfortable (and safe!) walking around on your roof, you may be able to perform a visual inspection and fix a few minor issues yourself. If you’re squeamish about heights, calling a professional is always the way to go. Here are a few maintenance issues you can take care of without too much skill or training:

  • Resealing metal or vinyl flashing around chimneys and vents with caulk

  • Removing moss or other debris with a soft-bristled broom

  • Cleaning the gutters of debris and noting any leaking spots

  • Apply a roof-specific mold and mildew inhibitor (lawn-specific types can stain your roof)

Roof Maintenance You Need a Professional For
Most homeowners prefer not to go up on their roofs at all, and just as well: climbing on ladders can be dangerous business. Hiring the professionals of H&S Roofing and Gutter Co. to perform your maintenance will save you hassle, risk, and even money! Here are a few of the things that may need attention that professional roofers can fix in a snap.

  • Missing or damaged shingles that need to be replaced or repaired

  • Replacing metal flashing around skylights, chimneys, and vents

  • Sealing up leaks that occur after weather damage, rot, and gutter pooling

  • Reattaching gutters to the home so water properly drains from the roof


Of course, there are dozens more tiny roof issues that, when taken alone, aren’t big problems. The real danger is letting these problems go unattended for months and years at a time. Ignoring regular roof maintenance can ultimately cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars!

 Has it been a while since you had your roof inspected? 

Call H&S Roofing and Gutter Company today to schedule a free inspection at your home.

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