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Types of Roof Repairs

Mar 27, 2013

Roof repairs are quite common in the winter and during storm seasons. This is because of the high speed winds, rain and snow that are common during these times. At these times the roof can easily become damaged, start leaking, or become hard to manage. Here at H & S Roofing and Gutter Company, located in Charlotte NC, we do roofing repairs for all roof problems.

Our services cover all types of roofing repairs up to and including complete roof replacements. We also offer shingle repairs, which are sturdy enough to last up to 30 years. Shingles can often become damaged due to extreme weather conditions or external factors, but we offer the best repairs in a short amount of time.

Metal roof repairs are also a part of our roof repair program. Metal roofs can add quite a sense of beauty and style to your home and are hard to wear down, but if the panels become loose or rusty, the problems could become quite severe. It is especially important to fix a metal roof quickly with weather conditions constantly changing.

There are many different types of problems that your roof might encounter based on the type of roof you have on your home. You can rest assured that H&S Roofing & Gutter Company can offer solutions for every problem that you might encounter. Need help with your roof repair or roof replacement? Contact us by clicking here, or call 704-334-9934 for a free estimate.


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