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The Quick History of the Neuschwanstein Castle

Jan 26, 2015


The Neuschwanstein Castle is the most fairy tale castle in existence and is the subject of H & S Roofing and Gutters’ Historic Roofing Series!

The castle, located in the breathtaking hillscape of Bavaria, Germany, is surrounded by the Alpine foothills. Construction began in 1869 by Ludwig II of Bavaria, who wanted the castle as a personal refuge.

Ludwig, a known recluse, paid for it completely out of his own pocket (and some sizable borrowing). He died in 1886 before the palace was completed, having only spent a total of 11 nights there, and soon after his death, the castle opened for visitors.

The design of the castle was inspired by Richard Wagner’s operas and other Romantic structures built around Germany. Pulling from Gothic, Romanesque and Byzantine art and architecture, the Neuschwanstein Castle was constructed with regular and sandstone brick along with local white limestone. The cornice of the castle’s roof is surrounded by peaks and a crow-stepped gable structure.

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