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The Biggest Roofing Mistakes You Could Make

Jun 08, 2017


Buying a home is an investment, and that investment continues to grow as basic home maintenance becomes needed. The longer you live in a residence, the more likely it will be that you will be faced with installing a brand new roof or, at a minimum, making simple to extensive repairs.

However, when the time comes to repair or replace your roof, don’t make these mistakes!

1. DYI Roof Repairs

 Repairing or replacing a roof is tricky business. Not only is it hazardous for a homeowner to be on their roof moving heavy materials around, but without the proper expertise, you could unknowingly also be causing additional problems on your roof.

Therefore, while “do it yourself” fixes to your roof might seem like a money-saving solution at the time, it could result in even more dollar signs down the road. 

2. Shopping for Roofing Materials Solo

Getting several quotes to find the best quality product and service is considered a best practice when completing any housing project. And it’s even more important when that housing project is the roof over your family’s head.

But rather than trying to research, guess and shop for roofing materials on your own, leave the job to the professionals at H&S Roofing & Gutter Company. They will research all the materials on the market and find not only materials within your budget, but also the correct materials that will get the job done correctly.

3. Using Products that are Kind to Your Wallet

There are plenty of products out there than can solve immediate roofing problems; however, not all products prevent roof damage over an extended period of time. For instance, there might be a “quick fix” to your roof leak that doesn’t break the bank, but in six months, or less depending on the weather, that leak might return or even expand across your roof because the “quick fix” wasn’t the best long term option. It was only the cheapest. 

It’s important to remember that your roof is an investment and you need to treat it as such. The cheapest and fastest option is not always the best option for your roof in long term. In fact, that “quick fix” option might end up costing you much, much more in the long run! 

4. Hiring an Inexperienced Contractor

When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, be sure that you do your homework and hire the right professional roofer for the job. Price should not be the only thing considered when hiring a roofing contractor to fulfill your roofing needs. Homeowners should also consider customer if the contractor is local, its service history, the estimated time to complete the project and the company’s reviews from past customers.

Your goal should be to find a reputable local, professional roofing company with solid reviews, exceptional customer service that will provide you with a great finished product. 

The H & S Roofing & Gutter Company Difference

H & S Roofing & Gutter Company has been serving the Charlotte, NC area since 1939 and boasts a team of skilled professional roofers who offer expert craftsmanship.

Not only will you receive prompt, reliable service, including 24-hour emergency service, but you will also receive a great finished product. For over 75 years H & S Roofing and Gutters has been named a leader installer of quality residential and commercial roofing and gutter systems. But, don’t just take our word for it; check out our reviews!

To get in touch with H & S Roofing & Gutter Company, please call 704-334-9934 or visit our website to request a quote

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