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Storm Damage to Your Roof? What to Know About Homeowners Insurance

Aug 10, 2016

Storms can be quite destructive this time of year, particularly to your roof. Whether from hail, fallen branches, or excessive rain, roof damage caused by a storm may actually be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is always your responsibility as a homeowner to check with your insurer regarding the specifics of your policy – do this before you need coverage to prevent any unwanted surprises!

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about storm damage to your roof and insurance.

Your Policy

Although many homeowner’s policies cover the cost of a new roof after a storm completely, check with your insurer to find out whether or not they only pay for the prorated cost. If so, you may only be covered for the relative “value” of your roof which, if it’s 12 years old, could be far less than the cost of a total roof replacement. Be sure to get a quote from a licensed roofing contractor in your area before filing a claim so you know whether doing so is worth it.


Roofing Companies

If you’ve suffered storm damage to your roof, contact a reputable, licensed roofing company for what should be a free evaluation of the damage. If possible, choose a company roofer that will work directly with your insurance provider on the cost and coverage to minimize paperwork hassles for you; you have enough to worry about! Sometimes insurance companies have preferred roofers they might suggest but remember, you’re never obligated to use a suggested repairer. It’s not a bad idea to get several free quotes before choosing a roofing company.


Covered Damage

Of course, exactly what kind of roof problems are covered varies widely depending on your homeowner’s insurance coverage. In general, you can expect storm damage such as holes or gauges caused by fallen limbs or hailstones, missing shingles caused by wind, rain, or hail, or leaks resulting from structural failures after a storm to be covered.


For a free inspection of your roof following a storm, contact H&S Roofing and Gutter Company in Charlotte today. We’ve been working with home and business owners in the Charlotte area for decades, helping them get back to normal after the slight or even devastating effects of a bad southern storm. You never know when disaster might strike, but you can know what to do if it does!

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