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Roofing Red Flags When You're Buying a Home

Jun 20, 2016

Buying a home is stressful. You’ve got to pay attention to things like furnace age, plumbing issues, and foundation condition but one of the biggest – and often overlooked – features of a home you may not be paying enough attention to is the condition of its roof. Here are a few roofing red flags to look for when you’re home buying that may indicate more problems below:

Red Flag: Missing Shingles
Whether a roof is made up of asphalt or cedar shakes, missing shingle tabs, shakes, or slates are a big problem. Depending on how long they’ve been missing, they may have left the underlayment of the roof exposed to the elements which means water could be entering the home. Having a thorough roof inspection is important to identify these issues.

Red Flag: Rolling Roof
If you stand on the ground and notice a roof is billowing, waving, or rippling, these could big issues. In some cases, this means the roof itself needs to be entirely replaced and/or a structural issue exists. As a homebuyers, that’s an expense you’ll want to factor into the purchase price of the home or negotiate with the sellers on – and having the roof and any rafters replaced before you move in is the best course of action.

Red Flag: Ponding Water
There can be many causes for ponding water on the surface of a roof. Simple gutter blockages, improperly done repairs, and even HVAC condensate lines could all be the culprit, but water pools can either be a simple fix or a big problem, depending on their severity. Multiple or long-standing ponds could even void the warranty of a roof, so they’re best checked by a professional.

A home’s roof protects all of the interior components and contents from damage. If a homeowner ignores maintenance issues to the roof you might want to consider what else they’ve been ignoring.

If you’re concerned about the condition of the roof on a home you’re considering buying, arrange for a formal roofing inspection completed by a preferred Charlotte roofing company like H&S Roofing & Gutter Company. You’ll have a better understanding of the issues at hand, the cost to fix them, and the seller’s willingness to shore up their home.

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