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Roof Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home this Fall

Oct 12, 2015

hs-roofing-roof-inspection.jpgThe year has flown by and we’re already in October! If you haven’t already taken steps to get your home ready for fall and winter weather, it’s time to start. Fall is a beautiful season in our area with leaf color changes. But for homeowners, fall presents challenges unique to the season.

Check out these four roof maintenance tips to keep your home protected this season and be proactive! 

1. Trim Your Trees

First, if your home has tree branches that over hang your house, it’s time to trim those branches to prevent roof damage that occurs when wind breaks limbs or when ice or snow covered limbs break and hit your roof. We recommend you hire a professional if you are unable to perform these tasks or your roof is too steep.  

2. Keep Your Gutters Clean

Leaves present another challenge. While leaves are lightweight when they first fall on your roof, they get heavier and gather in vulnerable places like valleys and in gutters as they become wet from rain. This debris build up on your roof and in your gutters and cause damage. 

The more leaves, pine needles and sludge that builds up in your gutters, the harder it is for them to do their job. If water gets backed up in your gutters, they could overflow and cause water back up under shingles causing damage to your roof and your house. 

3. Inspect your Attic

The worst thing that could happen this season is to miss a leak before the cold winter months kick in. Take advantage of the cooler fall weather to inspect your attic. Wait for a rainy day and inspect your attic for leaks. 

If you see any mold, mildew, warped wood, or stained insulation in your attic, it’s imperative you get a roofing professional out to take care of the problem before you’re hit with worse weather.

4. Limit Traffic on Your Roof

We all enjoy putting decorations and lights out on our houses during the holiday season, but it’s important to remember regular traffic on your roof can damage it. 

If you’re climbing around on your roof often, you can damage shingles or cause flashing to crack under the pressure, so be cautious.

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With over 75 years of roofing and gutters experience in the Charlotte, NC area, H & S Roofing is your go-to team for repairs and full installations. 

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