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Roof Coatings May Lower Your Commercial Building's Utility Bills

May 09, 2016

Commercial roofing materials are typically meant to be more durable than their residential counterparts. Most commercial roofs are made up of materials other than shingles, like metal Tar & Gravel, Single ply, Rolled modified bituminous roofing, and often have odd shapes, slopes, and pitches. H&S Roofing works with commercial property owners all over the Charlotte area and find more and more are asking about coating their roofs with the correct product made existing roofing system they have.

What is a Commercial Roof Coating?
At H&S Roofing, we offer several types of fluid applied coatings – basically liquid protectants – that are rolled onto your roof’s surface just like paint. These coatings have been used in some iteration for hundreds of years and today’s technology has made the products available inexpensive, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. Roof coatings come in several colors and strengths and don’t require any structural work to your roof.

Why Do I Need a Roof Coating?

Commercial roofs, especially in large warehouses and office buildings, encompass many square feet. A liquid roof coating is a very economical way to waterproof the entire roof for up to 25 years without the added cost and risk associated with “hot asphalt patch work” for the tar & gravel roofs. Coatings are easy to apply and work particularly well to waterproof flat roofs and roofs with unusualy low pitches, or no pitch at all, flat.

How Do Roof Coatings Work?

Applied with a roller just like paint, the coatings are designed to be rubber-like, stretching and contracting in the weather without breaking. They fully bond to whatever material they’re adhered to including concrete, metal, felt, and asphalt. When applied correctly, light-colored commercial roof coating can reflect as much as 80% of the ambient light, keeping a building cooler inside and vastly lowering its HVAC consumption. The same is true for heat insulation in wintertime.

The benefits of a commercial roof coating are myriad. In addition to the added durability and water resistance they add to the structure itself, roof coatings are designed to both insulate the building below and reflect the hot sun. Here in Charlotte, the latter is important! Roof coatings are independently tested for light-repelling qualities, and also for their encapsulation properties. If you have a roof that needs protection from weathering, particularly one containing asbestos, a liquid coating is a great option. Whether you’re improving an old roof or protecting a new one, consider a liquid applied coating for long-lasting strength.

Have questions about whether or not a durable, attractive liquid roof coating is right for your building? Call H&S Roofing and Gutter Company, Charlotte’s commercial roofing specialist, today to find out more.


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