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Main Causes of Roof Damage

Oct 15, 2014

Main Causes of Roof Damage

Roofs take a beating. They live through every season - downpours and thunderstorms, blizzards and the blistering heat. While they’re built to last, some damages will occur and H & S Roofing and Gutter can fix that damage.

Lack of routine roof maintenance will turn small issues into bigger problems down the road. If you have a flat roof, check for ponding water and other weather related damages. Split, blistering or buckling shingles can cause water to seep into your attic or upper floors. Excessive wind during hurricane season can lift shingles and other materials attached to your roof.

Corrosion around the flashings of vents and chimney is another sign of roof damage. These flashing materials are prone to erosion due to regular wear and tear. Also, other home services you use,  such as maintenance technicians or window washers, can leave debris on your roof that may work it’s way into the shingles during those 100 degree days in August.

Another issue we come across concerns roof damage from incompetent roof contractors. If your previous roofer does not repair damage correctly or they have incorrectly installed your roof replacements, it will speed up the time between their mistake and you calling H & S Roofing and Gutters at (704) 334-9934 to fix the problem correctly.

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