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Inspecting Your Gutters | H&S Roofing

Sep 23, 2014

Inspecting Your GuttersInspecting your gutters can be a daunting task for a homeowner, but it doesn’t have to weigh on you month after month. Your gutters, however, need to be inspected at least twice a year - once in the spring before the heavy rains start and once in fall before winter hits. Failing to inspect your gutter system can lead to possible, and unexpected, home damage from water intrusion into the fascia, soffit or siding, all of which could cost you thousands in the long run.

Remember, a gutter inspection requires you to be on a ladder for most of the work, so it is important to use caution. Having a family member or friend help you with this task will help immensely, but having the professionals at H&S Roofing and Gutters inspect your gutter system is your safest bet.

Gutter blockage is the most common cause of water damage and removing debris is the quickest way to help. Removing debris such as dirt, leaves and sticks from the gutters is the first step. Use your gloved hands to pull out large bits of organic matter then use a hose to dislodge dirt and other residue.

Even after the debris has been cleaned out, some puddles of water may still remain. This could be a sign that your gutters aren’t draining properly. Puddles are also sometimes indicative of an improper installation issue. We can help you determine the problem and provide an effective and affordable solution.

Also, while you’re inspecting your gutters, look for leaks, cracks or holes, and ensure that the attachment points are not bent, and that all connections are securely in place. If you find anything amiss, or even have questions about your existing gutter system, please contact H & S Roofing and Gutters at (704) 334-9934 to repair your gutters.

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