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How to Successfully Manage a Multi-Family Roofing Project

Feb 09, 2016

images.jpegWhen it comes to renovations and repairs to multi-family housing, it’s as much of a headache on the property manager as it is the residents. And when it comes to roof repair or installation on a multi-family project, the property will be temporarily turned into a construction site and it’s important residents understand what that means.

Well, property managers, read on to learn how to best manage your residents during a multi-family roofing project.

1. Set Expectations in Advance

First and foremost, it’s crucial to set expectations with your residents in regards to the roof repair or replacement in advance. It’s best to notify your residents using an immediate message they will not miss, such as flyers in their mailbox or on their door, email, or by hosting a quick meeting.  

Explain that for the select days and then select times each day, roof construction will be taking place. It’s important they know to expect some loud noise as the contractors are working and that the yard surrounding the building with temporarily be turned into a construction site with nails, shingles, etc.

By knowing what to expect in advance, they can make plans to be out of the house during the times of roofing work.

2. Utilize Signage

Are the roofing contractors going to need to use the parking spaces right in front of the building? Are there going to be certain sidewalks that are blocked off? Are there any entrances that are going to be blocked off for a certain amount of time?

Implement signage throughout the community as needed so your residents understand and know how to avoid these locations.

3. Keep Open Communication with Residents 

At the end of the day, open communication with your residents is key to the success of a multi-family roofing project.

If increment weather pushes the roofing work back several days, it’s important your residents know this update as soon as possible. If the contractors are going to have to change their working hours one day for whatever reason, your residents should know that. 

Open communication will help show your residents that you’re keeping them and their needs top of mind throughout the roofing work, and they’ll appreciate that.

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