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How to Find a Professional Charlotte Roofing Company After a Storm

Aug 24, 2016

Storms usually hit when we feel least prepared. Whether you came home from vacation to find a branch through your roof or woke up in the night to the cracking sound of hail on the house, storms are unsettling to say the least. How can Charlotte residents make sure they’re working with a qualified, reputable roofing company after a storm?

Get References
The most common way people say they find home services is through personal recommendations. Ask a neighbor who they’ve worked with in the past, and once you get the name of a Charlotte roofing company or two, do some research. A quick online search can help you see whether Google Reviews, online testimonials, and social media presences of the companies in question are current, active, and positive.


Look for Experience
Lots and lots of experience. Did you know there are roofing and gutter companies in Charlotte that have over 75 years of experience? (Hint: It’s H&S!) Experience matters. If a local roofer has been in business for decades it means they’re doing good, quality work and that customers are coming back to them time and again. Roofers that provide subpar work or that aren’t helpful, personable, and professional usually don’t withstand the test of time.


Check for a Physical Address
As a general rule, a reputable roofing company will have a business address. Use an online map function to plot their address and check out the building: is it occupied? Professionally maintained? Does it have signage? If a roofing company operates using a P.O. Box or if their address appears to show a residence rather than a business, be wary of both the licenses and qualifications they claim to offer. If their “business” disappears and you need warranty work on your roof, where will you find them?


Make Sure They’re Licensed and Bonded
What we hate to see most is an unsuspecting homeowner who hires an unlicensed, unbonded roofer (usually just someone with a little construction experience and a tall ladder!) and pays the price. Working with someone unqualified isn’t just risky, it can actually be dangerous. If they use improper techniques or materials to do your repair, you could be shelling out again just a few months down the line. If they fall off your roof without insurance, it could cost you thousands in medical bills. Always look for a roofing company that’s fully licensed and bonded in Charlotte.


Got storm damage? Unless there’s a giant gaping hole in your roof, don’t panic! Contact H&S Roofing and Gutter Company today to set up a time for your free quote. We’ve been working with Carolinians for over seven decades, so we know a thing or two about after-storm cleanup.


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