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How Can Storms Damage Your Roof

Dec 07, 2017

H & S Roofing & Gutters has been replacing and repairing roofs and gutters of all sizes and types throughout the Charlotte Metropolitan area since 1939. If you think there may be damage to your roof or gutters, please call us immediately at 704-334-9934.

Your roof can become damaged by a storm in many ways. What kinds of storms can cause damage to your house? How can you tell if your home has received damage from a storm? Here are several ways storms can cause damage to your roof:

Hail Storms

Heavy hail storms can cause problems not only to your roof, but also to your gutters. Damage can be easily determined by checking your gutters for signs of cracks, broken corners, or large dents. Hail can also break the granules on your shingles causing them to loosen or fall off completely.


Sometimes what seems like a minor storm can also cause extensive damage to your roof. The wind that either accompanies or follows a storm can also cause damage to your roof. Strong winds can blow the shingles off your roof exposing it to the elements. These damaged pieces can end up in your gutters clogging them up too!


Any small break in your roof system can effectively break the seal of protection and open up your home for disaster. The most obvious warning sign is when the storm causes objects to fall on your roof. Large branches can break through your roof, but small ones can cause their own significant damage that isn't noticed for months or years. Shingles that are broken by branches open up your home to leaks which can be cause additional problems for the integrity of your home's structure.  


Snow can be a serious problem as well. Even in our area, with our climate, during the life of the shingle snow may stay on top of a roof for an extended period. It is very dangerous to go on top of your roof to clean the snow off, so damage can be left unnoticed until the snow melts away. Snow can be a problem as it melts slowly, causing dams that allow the melted snow to back up under areas of missing shingles, caulking or other areas compromised by previous storms or damage.  Snow is extremely hazardous to your gutters as they are not designed to handle that type of weight. When snow piles on top of your gutters, it can cause the gutters to break away from the side of your home, thereby opening your house up to the elements. This can be a very expensive problem.

 No matter the cause for your gutter or roof damage, H & S Roofing & Gutters is here to help. We have been in business since 1939 and have the knowledge and experience needed to fix your problem. If you’re not sure if there is damage to your roof, call us at 704-334-9934 for a FREE estimate.

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