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Increase or Preserve the Value of Your Home? | H & S Roofing and Gutters

Jan 08, 2014

Homeowners should seek out an experienced roofing company, such as H & S Roofing and Gutters, to assist with problems small and large and who is interested in a long term relationship with the homeowner. Some companies are only interested in replacement of the roof or gutters and do not invest in the correct personnel to accurately evaluate the condition and maintenance needs of an existing roof.   Evaluating a roof is akin to determining the needs of a vehicle motor without access to see what is under the hood. Only someone with years of experience is able to accurately determine what might be happening under the shingle system while someone barely experienced is able to determine the dimensions of the roof for a replacement quote.

H & S Roofing and Gutters can easily determine the condition of the existing materials including approximate age of the roof, the potential life left in the materials and to see signs that might indicate leaks, determine if those leaks are new or old, see signs of future leak potential and recommend solutions(s) to resolve any current issues and to extend the life of the roof. Good maintenance is required of all roof systems just as maintenance is required for other home components. Having an evaluation for maintenance performed every 5 or 6 years and carrying out the recommendations of maintenance from the roofing contractor will extend the life of the roof and increase the value of the home by eliminating leaks that could rot underlying wood sheathing, attic areas, walls and eventually interior spaces. Proper maintenance of gutters is also important, including having them cleaned regularly, to avoid rotting soffit and boxing and possible problems at the base of the home.

If the roof has reached its maximum life expectancy, H & S Roofing adn Gutters can recommend solutions for the new roofing system that can avoid problems experienced with the previous roofing system due to conditions that the particular roof is subjected to including the home’s unique structural components and its environment. Materials and practices change over the years and certain components can add value through the roof systems ability to stop water infiltration, extend the life of the roof, add warranty features and increase curb appeal for resale in the future.

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