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Historic Roofing Materials

Nov 24, 2014

Historic Roofing MaterialsWe are excited for our first installment of H & S Roofing and Gutters Historic Roofing Series!

From the use of tents made from animal hide to brick during the Middle Ages, the materials used to protect humans from the elements has varied greatly in the past thousands of years.

Rock shelters and caves were the earliest form of shelter to be used in the Neolithic era (or the old Stone Age), along with tents and huts that could easily be made by a non-specialist. These huts and tents are harder structures for historians to pin down as they are the simplest to build and they leave little trace. They were typically made from animal hide or dry stone.

Some time later during the Iron Age when weapons and tools were more universal, mud-bricks and adobe construction was popular in arid climates in Egypt and the Middle East. Egypt’s Ramesseum is said to be the best example of this kind of construction materials. Grander structures built during this time, such as the Pyramids of Giza, were built with casing stone and still stand today.

Also during the Iron Age was the invention of trusses by the Romans. They were initially bronze early on before being replaced with wood. The Romans also started using lead in their roofing construction along with their advanced plumbing systems.

During the Middle Ages around Europe, roofs were tightly thatched out of wood before the monasteries are said to have reintroduced brick to the continent. Usually built for specific endeavors such as cathedrals, the use of stone and brick was very expensive and usually only used for public works or royal buildings.

Brick, terracotta tiles and stone were popular during the Renaissance in Italy while the following 17th and 18th century invented the use of plate glass and iron to suspend floor beams and strengthen cathedral domes.

All these past practices give us modern roofing techniques that have worked for generations of roofers. H & S Roofing and Gutters strive to be Charlotte’s number one for historic roof restoration and replacement. Call us at (704) 334-9934 for more information.

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