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Are Your Trees a Threat to Your Roof?

Aug 03, 2016

Charlotte has a reputation for being especially tree-friendly. In fact, one of the Queen City’s other nicknames is the “City of Trees,” and there’s one publicly-managed tree for every four people in the city. We even have a city arborist!

Although our trees are beautiful and provide much-needed shade for people and places in summertime, they can also be a hazard to your home. Older, larger trees are particularly dangerous, but knowing a few things about tree damage to your roof can help you stay ahead of any issues.


Trim Those Branches
Yes, your massive Willow Oak looks great in the backyard and gives your home a stately appeal, but if its branches hang too low they may be scraping up against your house, particularly in inclement weather. Repeated “touching” of tree limbs to your roof can actually knock shingles and gutters loose. Trimming your branches back from the house is a necessity for the longevity of your exterior.


Keep Debris at Bay
Another downfall of having large trees in your yard are all the pine straw, cones, leaves, and sticks they drop throughout the year. Of course, fall is the worst season for tree sloughing and the time of year when it’s most important to have your gutters cleaned by a reputable, insured company like H&S Roofing and Gutter, who can also clean your roof. Valleys like those behind chimneys become extra-vulnerable when filled with debris. All the bits and pieces from your trees are another great reason to have your branches trimmed back making it harder for debris to land on your roof.


Animals and Your Trees
Unfortunately, some animals see big, tall ladders when they look at your trees. Common Charlotte critters like squirrels, chipmunks, and even mice can easily slip from an overhanging tree onto your roof, then making their way into the attic of your home. Don’t make it any easier than it has to be for invasive pests to access your home’s most vulnerable places: trim those trees!


Big Falls, Big Damage
It’s storm season here in Charlotte and that means one thing: tree damage. If you’ve never experienced the helplessness of a large tree or branch crashing through your home’s roof, count yourself lucky. If one of your trees has been uprooted onto your roof or a large branch caused damage to your exterior, contact H&S Roofing and Gutter Co. right away. It’s important to use an experienced roofer to repair tree damage so you won’t incur big problems with water intrusion down the road.


Trees are wonderful. They provide shade, oxygen, and a beautiful canopy! But they can also be a threat to your roof and other exterior structures, so be sure to treat them like you would any other feature of your home that needs periodic maintenance. And if you run into a tree problem on your roof? Give the experienced technicians at H&S Roofing and Gutter a call. They’re waiting to hear from you!



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