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A Guide to Residential Gutters

Jun 13, 2016

Gutters perform a critical job for your home: routing the runoff of water from your roof. Without them, you’d face leaks, pooling water, and a veritable waterfall when you enter and exit your home. H&S Roofing offers several beautiful, functional gutter solutions for your Charlotte home.

Need help understanding the options for residential gutter systems? Let’s take a quick look.

Gutter Materials
Gutters come in many different materials, from aluminum to copper to plastic. H&S specializes in both aluminum and beautiful copper gutters, both of which are highly durable for Charlotte’s unpredictable weather. Aluminum gutters are the most common for residential homes in the U.S. because they’re sturdy, cost-effective, and won’t rust. Copper gutters are relatively expensive, but many homeowners love the natural patina that forms over time. They’re a great choice for restoration projects and can last up to 75 years if installed correctly.

Gutter Shapes and Sizes
There are several gutter “profiles” available. Standard gutter chutes are either U-shaped or K-shaped, meaning the actual curvature of the chute vaguely resembles the letter. These gutter profiles are known as half-round and Ogee, respectively. Gutters are available in several sizes, the most common of which are either 5” or 6”. Downspouts offer several sizing options as well, although most people choose to go with standard 3” or 4” spouts.

Seamless Gutters
Homeowners have the option of purchasing either prefabricated or seamless gutters. At H&S, our fabricators craft seamless gutters on-site to ensure an exact fit. Seamless gutters are often preferred for residential homes as they’re more aesthetically pleasing and can even be longer-lasting than piecemeal gutter systems. Since they don’t have junction points, seamless gutters provide longer leak free service.

Gutter Installation
Most gutter installers either use the spike mount method or the hidden hanger method to attach the gutters to the home. In general, the hidden hanger method is preferred as spike-hung gutters tend to be a little less stable over time, and the spike can actually pull out of the home itself. When using hidden hangers, gutter installers like H&S roofing will screw a hanger to the fascia board or rafter tail, and sometimes use a strap if neither are available. If none of these options work, homeowners may want to consider installing gutters in conjunction with a new roof.

Need new gutters installed in Charlotte? H&S Roofing & Gutter Company has been working with Charlotte homeowners for decades on custom gutter installs and repairs. Give us a call today to find out how affordable a new set of gutters really is.

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