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Tree Damage to Your Roof | H&S Roofing

Sep 21, 2016

Charlotte is sometimes known as the “City of Trees,” and for good reason! Our tree canopy here in the QC is unparalleled, with many amazing specimens standing for over 100 years. Unfortunately, these same trees can wreak serious havoc on your roof.

At H&S Roofing and Gutter Company, we see tree damage to Charlotte roofs all the time. Here are the four most common tree-related issues homeowners here face.

1.Fallen Branches (or Whole Trees!)

The most dramatic – and stressful! – way trees can affect your roof are to fall on it. After particularly bad storms here in Charlotte we’re flooded with calls from homeowners who’ve had a large branch or even a whole tree crash through their roof. We understand this event can be extremely unsettling and even dangerous. In some cases, a tree-damaged roof will need to be completely replaced, but in most it can be patched. Call a tree removal service, then call us immediately. Tree-damaged roofs are some of the most vulnerable to further water and natural damage.

2. Clogging Leaves

When fall rolls around in Charlotte, leaves are everywhere. It may be beautiful when they’re crunching under your feet, but leaves can mean big issues for your roof! If your gutter system is improperly installed, not regularly cleaned, or even bent or flowing incorrectly, leaves can build up. A large leaf-related clog can cause water to pool in your gutters and sit on your roof, not to mention pour out onto the foundation of your home. The solution is to have your gutters professionally cleaned or even to have a new set of gutter guards installed.

3. Branches that Touch the Roof

When trees are allowed to grow too large, their branches can actually overhang onto a home’s roof. Not only do you never want organic materials to rest on your roof for long (they can cause moisture buildup), low-hanging branches can actually create a superhighway for all kinds of pests – ants, termites, and rodents – to enter your home’s fascia boards and attic space. Trim your branches every few years to prevent entry and keep your property value high.

4. Too Much Shade

In Charlotte, shade trees can provide much-needed relief for indoor temps in the hottest months! But too much shade is a problem, too. Not only can constant shade cause moss or other organic matter to flourish on your shingles, it can keep the entire roof wet for extended periods of time. Particularly in winter when snow or ice can (occasionally) build up on your roof, long periods of wet defrosting can cause problems down the line.

Charlotte’s trees are one of its greatest assets…to a point. While they’re beautiful, trees can mean trouble for your roof if not managed properly. If you’re on the wrong end of tree damage, give H&S Roofing and Gutter Company a call today.

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