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4 Common Roofing Problems

Oct 10, 2017

Sometimes what may “look” like a simple roofing problem, can actually cause more damage than you may have imagined. Sometimes a roofing problem is only obvious or noticeable after internal damage has been done. As Charlotte’s best Roofing Company, H&S Roofing & Gutter Company has seen many types of roofs and roofing issues. Here are five of the most common roofing problems we come across:

1. Flawed Material Installation

Improper installation of roof materials and associated flashing could be the major reason for roof leak. We see this more commonly as new companies enter the area after a hail or wind storm. Shingles can be installed incorrectly easily and untrained, sometimes unscrupulous installers can leave you with a roof that will fail and continue to fail. Shortcuts get made at flashing areas as well.  Take your time when interviewing, researching and hiring a roofer.

2. Gutter Buildup

Places surrounded with gutter buildup on your roof are ideal for the growth of mold and mildew and can cause water to back up under flashing and roof shingles. To prevent leaks and damage, it is recommended that you clean out this debris at least twice a year, more if you have heavy tree cover. Periodical removal of this debris will protect your roof, gutters, and interiors.

3. Shingle Damage

Shingles cover and protect the roof deck and keep the moisture away from it. Any damage to this protection sheet can invite leaks and other related problems. Examine your shingles regularly and if any piece is missing or worn out, replace it before the problem gets out of control.

4. Weather Changes

Your roof undergoes a great deal of stress in areas where seasons are extreme, like the Charlotte, NC area. Heat expands the important caulking around your flashing areas, expands the flashing itself and can cause nails to work their way loose from shingles. Winter’s cold contracts these areas causing more deformation of the materials. Due to this annual cycle, your roof needs maintenance at least every 5 or so years, so that these areas can be refreshed to perform as they should.

Although some of these roofing problems may sound minor, do not hesitate to call H & S Roofing & Gutter at the first sign of any roofing or gutter problem. Roofing and gutter problems may sometimes appear minor, but the internal or unseen damage could be greater if left ignored.

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