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3 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Dec 18, 2013

The roof of the home is the most vulnerable to any damages from the weather. In the summer it is exposed to the scorching sun and in the winter it has to bear ice, rain and even heavy snow. The exposure to extreme weather demands that you take special care of your roof.

H & S Roofing and Gutters has been providing expert roofing repair and replacement to homes and businesses throughout the Charlotte NC area for several decades. Let us put our experience on your roof!

Here are three simple ways you can prepare the roof for the ice and snow:

Check the Internal Frame

Snow piling on your roof in the winter can put extra stress on the internal frame. If the frame is already weak the additional weight can cause the roof to collapse. This is extremely expensive to repair and will cause immense damage to your home. Therefore, it is best to check the internal frame for cracks or inconsistencies beforehand. The best place to start is the attic. Be vigilant in checking for weak spots in joints and beams. Once you have spotted the weak spots, have them repaired.

Inspect the Roof for Sagging Areas

Once the internal frame has been inspected, it’s time to inspect the roof from the top. You can climb on the roof using a ladder and check for areas that are sagging. These sagging areas are weak spots in the structure of your roof. A hailstorm or snow could cause the roof to collapse and damage your home. If you see a sagging area, remove the shingles in and check for damage underneath. This is a little time-consuming but will get your roof through the winter without a hassle. (Do you need help? Let us help inspect your roof for damage or potential problem areas! Call us today for a free roofing repair estimate.)

Check the Shingles

Lastly, you should check the shingles for any cracks, curling around the edges and missing pieces. Any of these issues should be fixed immediately. Also look for discolored spots on the shingles. These spots point towards internal moisture buildup. Remove the shingles and inspect thoroughly.

H & S Roofing and Gutters has been serving the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas for several decades. Let us put our over 70 years of experience on your roof! Please contact us today for a Free Estimate.

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