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How to Maintain & Clean Your Roof and Gutters

May 15, 2013

gutter_replacement_charlotte_nc_051513.jpgProper gutter alignment is essential to keep the flow of waste and excess water from damaging your home. If your gutter system isn’t maintained or cleaned from time to time, they may create drastic damage. Often during a storm or strong draught, you may have noticed debris like twigs and leaves which blocks the flow of water from the roof. Almost 80% of homeowners ignore this, but later they may face the consequences! Some important tips and tricks on “how to clean rain gutters” are provided below:

1. Start the clean-up process with the drain outlet commonly located at the low end of a gutter. Clear the leaves, dirt and twigs with a garden trowel by scooping it away. For best results, carry out the process while the debris is still damp.

2. Connect a long pipe which can stretch out to the roof with a water hose. Wash the drain outlet with strong pressure until the water at the end starts to come out clean. Be careful as not to splat mud over yourself or on the house paint.

3. In case you experience the water getting stuck somewhere in between the downspout, use an auger (snaked) thin pipe to clear out the rubble.

When cleaning your gutters, please take some precautions:

· Never proceed with the cleaning process in wet, icy or windy weather
· Always wear protective eye protection, gloves and non-slippery shoes
· Place a bucket or a cloth at the end of the gutter line so that the debris goes directly into the bucket instead of spreading over your lawn

Always remember that roof gutters are a very essential part to your home. Gutters help protect your home from damages from water or debris. Here at H & S Roofing and Gutters we offer many solutions for your home including gutter repair, replacement and the installation of gutter covers. Gutter covers are an ideal solution to any home because they will protect your gutters from debris. H & S Roofing and Gutter Company has been exceeding expectations since 1939. For more information, please contact us at 704-334-9934.

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