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3 Reasons to Replace Your Business' Roof After the Holidays

Dec 26, 2016


As we’ve previously discussed, winter can actually be a great time of year to replace your roof! It’s the slowest season of the year for Charlotte roofing companies which means your roof will instantly become a high priority. You may even be able to benefit from seasonal roofing specials!

If you’re a business, H&S Roofing and Gutter Company wants you to know that replacing your roof after the holidays is simply a smart thing to do. Here’s why.

1. It’s probably your slow season, too.

Right after the holidays, particularly before the new year kicks off in earnest, is the slowest period of the year for some business. Particularly if you run a corporate or B2B operation, you’re likely to have a lot of employees out on vacation and little to no on-site vendor interaction. It’s a great time to do any needed repairs on your physical business. With fewer employees on site, your roofing company won’t have to work so hard to stay out of the way; you may be able to turn off the utilities completely if the office will be empty, saving you money on wasted heat, too.

2. Tax incentives may be about to expire.

Did you know that some businesses are eligible for tax credits just for repairing their property? If your roof is old and in need of repair, ask your business accountant whether you’d be eligible for tax credits related to energy efficiency. Making a big investment in your building will also impact your ledger for the entire year, and it’s a great way to invest profits in the growth of the business for next year.

3. Winter’s chill and spring’s rains are coming!

Winter and early spring are, arguably, the hardest seasons on your roof. Replacing your roof before the ice, precipitation, and animals become a problem is the smart thing to do. In Charlotte, the holidays are generally still mild and moderate; it's a great time for roof replacement. By the time February’s frequent freezes and April’s well-known showers set in it can be difficult to find a reliable few days during which to replace your roof. The longer it takes to replace your roof, the longer your business will be disrupted.


Ready to replace your roof? Call H&S Roofing and Gutter Company today – there’s still time to schedule your roof replacement before the holidays have come and gone! We’re ready when you are.

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