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10 Ways To Better Your Homes Curb Appeal

Sep 25, 2017

10 Ways to Better Your Home's Curb Appeal 

Whether you’re planning on putting your house on the market in the near future or you’re simply trying to up the ante on the exterior of your home, there are a variety of things that impact your curb appeal.

Regardless of your budget or the projected time you’ve put aside to complete the project, you can accomplish a lot on your home’s exterior to better your curb appeal. Check out these 10 ways you can get started to enhance your home’s curb appeal today!


1. Apply a New Coat of Paint to the Exterior of Your Home

First and foremost, your curb appeal can be enhanced by brightening the exterior of your home itself. Weather causes wear and tear on your home’s paint, and after a while, a good powerwash isn’t going to remove the stains.

Whether you decide to repaint your home in the same color or you opt for a new color, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to impact your home’s curb appeal. If you are planning to put your home on the market, stick with neutral colors.


2. Spruce up Your Front Porch

Front porches need to be inviting, and many families like to congregate on the front porch here in the South. Whether you have a small space or a large porch that wraps around the whole house, a lot can be done to spruce up your front porch and make it more inviting.

Place plants and flowers in the corners of your porch and by the front door to accent the space. If your porch is big enough, install a porch swing or place comfortable chairs throughout.


3. Powerwash Your Sidewalk

Sidewalks can show the wear and tear of foot traffic and weather. A good cleaning can remove the majority of the stains found on your concrete.


4. Landscape Your Yard and Foliage

It’s amazing what trimming some trees and bushes can do for the look and feel of your yard. Neat landscaping will look much more inviting.

If your yard is primarily lawn and doesn’t have many trees or bushes, think about planting some. Not only do these give some depth to your yard, but they also grant privacy from neighboring yards.


5. Install New Light Fixtures

Curb appeal is not only a topic in the daylight.. Proper lighting in the evenings will highlight your home and yard in an appealing way. Install light fixtures on your front porch, down your sidewalk and by your mailbox. If you have any large trees that are big focal points, it might be a good idea to run a spotlight out in the yard too. At a minimum be sure all of your existing lights are clean and in working order.


6. Plant Flowers in Your Yard

Flowers offer a nice pop of color to your yard and depending on the kind you select, they can live for a large majority of the year. Although flower plants in the yard and in pots require slight upkeep with watering and deadheading, but they do a great deal for your curb appeal.


7. Apply Fresh Paint or Install New Garage Doors

Commonly overlooked, your garage is a big factor when it comes to your curb appeal. Whether you have an actual garage with doors or a carport, a fresh coat of paint that compliments your home’s features can really enhance this part of your home.

And if your garage doors are dented or in poor condition, it might be worth investing in new garage doors.


8. Paint or Install a New Mailbox

Your mailbox is one of the first features people see when they approach your home. As people are searching for your address driving down the road, they find it on the mailbox.

If your mailbox is rusty, poorly marked or otherwise unsightly, it’s definitely not doing anything for your curb appeal. Apply a new coat of paint to your mailbox or install a new one so it’s welcoming when people find your home.


9. Freshen Up Your Shutters

Just as your house deserves a new coat of paint or a good cleaning regularly, so do your shutters. And if you decide on a new coat of paint, ensure it is a color that compliments the exterior of your house well. Again, if selling soon, consider subtle colors rather than bright bold colors.


10. Schedule a Professional Roof Cleaning or Install a New Roof

 Last, but certainly not least, don’t overlook your roof! Schedule regular cleanings of your roof and gutters to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Request that a professional roofer inspect your roof while cleaning to ensure there isn’t damage that could then impact the inside or outside of your home.


If you’ve had your roof for a while and many repairs have been done already, it might be time to schedule a replacement. With many different kinds of roofing materials and colors now on the market, your roof can dramatically impact your home’s curb appeal while protecting your home.


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