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H&S Roofing and Robots!


raleigh_6.jpgThe time hasn’t yet arrived that a robot can do the job of our roofers, but if these kids have anything to do with it, the time cannot be far off!

Skywalker (real name withheld to protect the innocent!) is the son of H&S Roofing’s estimator Big Skywalker (again, protecting the innocent!). Young Skywalker is a member of group of young folks interested in computers and robotics from around the country and the world. Each year, these teams of talented kids convene on a central location (this year in Raleigh NC) with their hand built robots.

Each year, the robots are built with a specific task in mind – this year it was Frisbee throwing! Teams are combined and pitted against each other as the competition continues. The team members must think fast, strategize and use the strengths of each teams robot to prevent the other teams’ accomplishing the task of throwing the Frisbees and can score for Frisbees thrown or blocked.

The leaders keep things interesting by remixing the teams who are competing with one another and cooperating with each other. This year, the pneumatics of Young Skywalker’s Team’s robot weren’t cooperative, preventing a good Frisbee throw to the goal, but young Skywalker’s team faired very well in the area of blocking and their team came in 33 of 55 teams.

We couldn’t be prouder of the talented kids of Team 3270! The team receives no school funding and operates only on donations. They are having a fundraiser at Applebee’s in Monroe, NC from 8-10 this Saturday, March 23.


Want to learn more about the competition? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itHNW2OFr4Y