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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We recently experienced a hail storm. How can we know if our roof was damaged?

Hail can cause serious damage to roofing shingles due to loss of granules. The granules are an important component to the life of the shingle material. You may want to contact your homeowner's insurance company. They will likely recommend you have a roofing professional evaluate any damage. In some cases you may need to replace the roof materials if the damage is significant and often your homeowner's policy will cover the cost (less your deductible).

Q. I am looking at buying a home. What should I look for regarding the roof?

A. You should have a roofing professional perform an inspection. He will look for evidence of leakage in the interior attic areas and on the roof to provide an evaluation of the roof's integrity and estimated life expectancy.

Q. I have noticed streaks on the roof. Does this indicate a potential leak or other problem?

A. Many times streaks are due to fungus (algae) or pollutants. General off color areas may be due to aging of the shingles. If no leaks are occurring then there may be no need to take action.

Q. I am interested in a metal roof or possibly a slate one. I want something that will last a very long time and that will be beautiful as well. How much more expensive are these types of roofs than standard shingles?

A. Generally, roof material and installation costs are highest with slate, tile and metal but the life expectancy and aesthetic appeal are significantly greater than conventional shingles. Three tab shingles are least expensive and carry the least life warranty, 25 years typically. Architectural shingles are thicker, come in 25, 30 and 40 year and lifetime. Life expectancy warranties generally increase in cost as thickness (and warranty length) increase.

Q. I have a sunroom that leaks. What type of roofing do you recommend for low slope applications.

A. There are several approaches to roofing low slope areas. These include Built Up roofing, EPDM, and Modified Bitumen. Each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application and the needs of the homeowner.

Q. I need to hire a roofing contractor. What should I look for?

A. Be sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Longevity in business is a prime indicator of stability and likelihood the company will be in business down the road should you have a roofing problem.

Q. How much does it cost to replace a roof?

A. There is no simple answer to how much the bottom line will be for your roofing project. The cost of a new roof depends on several different things:

  • square footage
  • the pitch of roof
  • accessibility
  • type of roofing material needed
  • 1 or 2-story home
  • roof permit and city license
  • labor

As you can see, this is why it is necessary to have one of our representatives come out and talk with you about your new roof. It is impossible for us to give estimates over the phone.

Can I repair my roof instead of replacing it?

A. It may be possible to repair your existing roof instead of replacing it. There are a number of factors that need to be determined before deciding if repairing the roof in the way to go. Some things we consider are the type of roofing material, age of the existing roof and type of damage. Our professionals will give you the best option available.

Should I have my old roof removed before a new one is installed?

A. Although the North Carolina State Building Code does allow for up to two layers of roof materials, any amount of short-term savings you might see from a “layover” roof installation is far outweighed by the longer term peace of mind that comes from knowing that the integrity of the decking has been confirmed and that the existing flashings haven’t been wicking moisture to the roof deck, causing leaks that can lead to decking or siding damage.

We feel that tearing off the existing materials, inspecting the substrate / deck and the general integrity of the roof structure and components, then installing a quality roof is typically the best course of action.

Generally speaking, experts estimate that the life of your new roof will be cut by as much as 20% if it is installed on the top of the existing roof.

Should I have my chimney looked at before installing a new roof?

A. During the process of re-roofing, we will re-flash your chimney. If we notice any evidence that repairs need to be made to the chimney itself, we will be happy to recommend a chimney/masonry contractor. We can even coordinate our work with that of the chimney contractor, if necessary.


Q. Do I need a permit to have a new roof installed?

A. Not generally, but in certain cases you will need a permit. If you do, we will handle getting the permit and making sure you are in compliance with all city and/or county building codes. In SC most cities do require a permit. There is uncertainty in Mecklenburg County – the inspector will tell you it it’s over $5000, you have to have a permit. Fortunately, they don’t enforce this and the rules can be interpreted a couple of ways. But I don’t think we should say generally don’t need. I think saying it depends on the jurisdiction that you live in.

What type of roof should I install?

A. This is probably the toughest question that most homeowners have when deciding on a new roof. The different combinations, types and colors can be overwhelming. In some cases, our professionals may recommend a certain type of roof material that will hold up or last in your area the best. In other cases, it comes down to a personal choice of the look, warranty and colors. We can help you make this decision easier for you by providing installed locations for you to view. We also hope you will feel welcome to visit us at our showroom where we have displays of the many shingle options, as well as slate, tile, shake and metal samples. We are conveniently located at 506 W. Summit Ave., Charlotte, NC 28203.

How long does it take to replace my roof?

A. We understand the inconvenience of having people you do not know around your house, on your roof, interrupting your regularly scheduled life. However, fast is not always best. Hand nailing takes longer than gun nailing – but the advantages of a hand nailed installation over a gun nailed installation are significant. When we schedule your roof for replacement, we will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of how long it will take. We come to each job site with the man power, knowledge, skill, and equipment to complete your job in a timely manner. Our crews do a very thorough clean-up at the end of each day, and we will not move on to another job until your roof is complete. However, rest assured we will never jeopardize our quality craftsmanship to hurry a job along!

On average, installation will take one to two days for residential roofs. There are exceptions to this rule. Roofs that are larger than average, in need of extensive structural repairs, or roofs where we are installing speciality materials, will of course require more time to complete.

If your question has not been answered, please give us a call at (704) 334-9934 or email us at sales@hsroofing.com and we will be happy to assist you!