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Community Service

Community Service

We believe it's our responsibility to be actively involved with our community and help when we can.

2012-10-04_16-19-16_750.jpgHouse United Project

Craftsman, Sears Heroes at Home, Rebuilding Together, NextGen Home built by Champion, and Bank of America teamed up on a community service project to honor a deserving veteran at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Together, they built one half of a home in Tampa during the RNC, and the other half of the home in Charlotte at the DNC. Delegates and elected officials in both locations worked alongside Ty Pennington during each event.

The House United home, placed in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte, NC, will be donated to John H. Jones II and his family. Stationed in Virginia, Mr. Jones served in the Army from 2000-2010. During his service, Mr. Jones was deployed on two tours of duty in the Middle East – Kuwait in 2003/2004 and Iraq in 2006/2007 – where he served as a Water Craft Operator. In this role, Mr. Jones was responsible for the transportation of troops and supplies via sea vessels, he also helped build bridges. The ravages of war during his deploy-ments lead Mr. Jones to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and severe migraines. Mr. Jones also sustained respiratory injuries due to the smoke from oil wells as well as skin burns and rashes from sun exposure.

Click here to read offical press release (PDF)

Watch video of House United | Extreme Home Makeovers - Ty Pennington

House United

H & S Roofing was proud to be selected to provide assistance to the House United project.